Langbein Farms, Inc.

Visual Identity, Communication Tools


Langbein Farms Inc., is located in Sac City, IA and specializes in row crops (corn & soybean) as well as operating a small cattle operation of about 40 head of cattle. The farm also provides custom farming services to individuals around the area.

What Our Client Needed:

Langbein Farms Inc. came to us to help them develop their family farm’s brand. They wanted a logo that represented agriculture and their farm. Our team discussed their brand’s goals and developed a custom plan for their family farm.

Our Solution:

We worked with the family to develop a visual identity that would honored the farm’s heritage and included subtle hints of agriculture. Additionally, we created communication tools that could be used to explain their operation. Finally our team created a stationery set which included, a letterhead, business cards and envelopes as well as ads that would communicate their custom farming services.

The Results

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